STEM Education

Air Rockets

Students learn the basics of rocketry and how the four forces affect flight: weight, thrust, lift and drag. Each group will build their own paper rocket and explore how aerodynamics work to the advantage or disadvantage of their rocket at launch time. Through trial and error, students will get to make adjustments to increase the flight of their rocket.


Our GPS program provides an outside and active recreation period for all ages. Using Rock Springs GPS devices, participants will guide themselves around our facility to find the waypoints we have posted. This activity is a fun introduction to GPS units, and the usefulness they can provide.

Pioneer Crossings

Pioneers heading west had many challenges that are unknown to us today. Pioneer Crossing looks to challenge participants to think about the way life used to be, and the difficulties pioneers faced during their travels. Using natural materials they find, participants will construct miniature rafts. Once completed, the rafts will be tested for buoyancy in our stream to determine its success!


Robots are the wave of the future. Learn the basic components to programming and coding. As kids learn to program they build key skills that include critical thinking, problem solving, sequencing and programming fundamentals. Our robots are geared for all grades with our Mouse Bots and Ozo Bot programs.