What it takes

We are looking for the following characteristics for our Leadership Camp staff:

  • Must have graduated high school or be 18 and older by the time summer begins. Preference will be given to students who have completed one year of college.
  • Must enjoy working with youth and want to make a difference. Camp exists for this reason and so it needs to be an important motivation for all staff members.
  • Must have an outstanding work ethic. You are changing lives and we do not tolerate any laziness.
  • Must exhibit high moral character and be a positive role model for youth.
  • Must thrive in a team atmosphere. We hire about 55 summer staff and we live together, work together and socialize together. Teamwork is everything!
  • Must have a positive and upbeat attitude. Camp life is hard at times and can be demanding, so a positive attitude is necessary to the overall success of our team.
  • Must want to grow and expand your horizon. We invest in the staff and want to challenge you to be better.

Why should I work at Rock Springs?

Rock Springs offers invaluable skills that can't be found in a traditional summer job. Regardless of your college major, working at camp allows you to learn and develop skills that will enhance your job marketablity. On top of this great opportunity, you are making a difference in young lives. Your're shaping the future generation with new life experiences and skill sets. The pay is pretty awesome as well. You're payed to live, play and work in the great outdoors. You earn a base salary for the summer and when you add the camp amenities into the mix your're making bank. At camp there is no rent, no grocery bills, low gas bills which saves you an average $700-$1,000 per month.

Staff Expectations for working at Rock Springs:
Before you begin the application process, there are a few things you should consider. Working at Rock Springs is a full-time commitment. Our staff contracts start in mid-May and end in early August. You will receive room & board, a salary and other benefits. Our staff work together in a close-knit team to provide a safe, fun and educational experience for our guests. The days are long, but at the end of the summer you'll realize the positive contributions and impacts you have made. You'll also leave camp with stronger skills in leadership, problem-solving, communication and teamwork skills. These skills are an asset for you wherever life takes you.

What does it take to get accepted into the Leadership Camp at Rock Springs?
Desired qualities for our summer staff include a desire to work with youth, tons of energy, an outgoing personality, enjoys the outdoors and wants to be a role model for youth and teen campers. You'll spend your days with 8-16 year olds in various instructor based programming.

Experience working with youth in any youth setting is a plus but not a requirement for employment at Rock Springs. With our professional training before camp starts we'll give you the skills that are important to spending a summer with youth. Our year-round staff are very capable and never far from the action to lend a helping hand.