Training & Positions

Program Staff

  • Barn
  • Aquatics
  • Snack bar
  • Crafts
  • Challenge
  • Conservation
  • Stem
  • Shootings Sports
  • Generalist


Support Staff

  • Housekeeping Assistant
  • Facilites/Grounds Assistant


You might be able to use this great opportunity for college internship credit. Check with your program adviser to see if this experience qualifies as an internship for your major.

Daily Schedule

A Typical Day at Camp:

6:30 am Workday starts for Barn Staff
7:45 am Breakfast – staff announcements
9:00 am Workday starts for all staff
12:15 pm Lunch
1:15 pm Workday for all staff
6:30 pm Dinner
7:30-9:00 pm Evening Programs for campers
9:00-9:45 pm Night Snack Bar
10:00 pm Campers back to housing units

The schedule above represents a general schedule that would work Monday – Sunday. There are night duty responsibilities that will include night snack bar, night swims (for lifeguards), night hikes and building lockup. 

Days/Nights Off – Each staff member is assigned one day off per week.  Days off will be assigned to you. Staff may request additional time off for weddings or special events, or switch days with co-workers when available. We will work with you for your time off request; however, we are limited to the number of special requests we can manage. Our first responsibility is to our guests and making sure we can accommodate their request.  Evenings off vary according to the night duty rotation.  Everyone is assigned to night duty which varies per camp. 

Time off – There is a staff lounge on grounds with a TV, DVD, gaming area and small kitchenette.  Many staff members get caught up on laundry or head to town for the day.  The staff lounge does close at midnight and any staff members returning to camp must abide by the afterhours policy regarding quiet hours and driving.   

How is Rock Springs different from other camps? Rock Springs is a host facility for a wide variety of camps throughout the summer. As a host facility we provide all of the staff for recreation, dining facilities, housekeeping and facility requests. A majority of camps are residential camps where they hire staff to be camp counselors along with recreation. Camp counselors typically spend days and nights with their campers. At Rock Springs we work with kids and groups during the days with some night time duties. We typically work four nights a week with the other nights off.