Educational Activities Abound at Rock Springs

Scales and Tales

Education - Stream Study

Rock Springs provides a fun way to discover our natural and historical world in a relaxed setting. Hands-on, engaging activities offer an enjoyable learning experience for youth of all ages, and participants get up-close-and-personal with nature. These adventure experiences are designed to last approximately one hour.

Create-a-Creature Tournament: Create your idea of the perfect animal survivor based on behavioral characteristics and physical adaptations. The creations will be matched against each other to discover which characteristics are the most beneficial for species survival!

Kansas Mammals: This hands-on program is an introduction to Kansas mammals. Participants will learn about a variety of our furry friends and see and touch real animal skins and skulls.

Making Sense Trail: Activities will encourage the students to use their senses to observe the wonders of our natural world and gain an understanding of certain animal characteristics.

Native American Games: Participants will learn about the historic Native American Tribes of Kansas. These educational games will involve skill, coordination, chance and stealth!

Stream Study: Discover the basics of our water resources and come face-to-face with Rock Springs aquatic life.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS): Students will learn how to operate a GPS unit and then have a chance to use a GPS to find hidden waypoints throughout Rock Springs.

Cookie Mining 'n Watersheds: Explore the interesting topic of watersheds and their importance by building simple models.

Migration Madness: Discover the different types and reasons for migration and the link that Kansas plays in the North American migration chain.

Intro to Biomimicry: Discover how engineers imitate animals and nature to design new products and solutions for human problems.

Ecosystems Edventure: Enjoy learning activities about animal habitats, predator/prey relationships, carrying capacity and the flow of energy through an ecosystem.

Habitat Sweet Habitat: Explore and discover the needs shared by all animals by visiting and studying different habitat areas. Students will use their skills of observation and analysis to differentiate between habitat types.

Survival Scenario Games: Learn about different methods, tactics and adaptations for survival from the animals' perspectives!

Avian Ecology and Owl Pellet Dissection: Learn the basics of avian ecology and the roles they play in the food web.

Basics of Rocketry: Students will learn the basics of propulsion by designing and testing balloon and water-bottle rockets.

The Power of Wind: Learn about the topics of alternative energy and renewable resources by designing, building, and testing a small scale wind turbine.