Educational Activities Abound at Rock Springs

Scales and Tales

Education - Stream Study

Rock Springs provides a fun way to discover our natural and historical world in a relaxed setting. Hands-on, engaging activities offer an enjoyable learning experience for youth of all ages, and participants get up-close-and-personal with nature. These adventure experiences are designed to last approximately one hour.

Wild CSI:
Pre-K - 5th grade
Campers become homicide detectives to solve the wildlife "crime scene". Using field guides, campers learn about animal tracks in order to solve the murder of the rabbit.

Prairie Learning Center:
Pre-K - 6th grade
This hands-on program introduces Kansas mammals. Participants learn about a variety of furry friends, then see and touch real animal skins and skulls. A live rabbit might appear.

Making Sense Trail:
Pre-K - 6th grade
Take a hike! Varied activities encourage campers to use their senses to observe the wonders of our natural world, including habitats, environmental landmarks, and animal activity.

Stream Study:
Pre-K - 8th grade
Discover the basics of water resources and come face-to-face with Rock Springs' aquatic stream life. Explore life forms in a stream and learn the basics of water quality testing.

Native American Games:
2nd - 6th grade
Take a trip through history and learn about historic Native American Tribes of Kansas. Play Native American games, involving skill, stealth, coordination, and chance.

Pioneer Crossings:
2nd - 6th grade
Campers learn about pioneers and their travels west as they build rafts made of natural materials and test their durability in one of our beautiful spring-fed streams.

Ecosystems Edventure:
2nd - 6th grade
This outdoor program includes activities and games about animal habitats (food, water, shelter, space), predator-prey relationships, migration, carrying capacity, and the energy flow through an ecosystem.

Simple Machines:
2nd - 8th grade
Emphasizing the scientific method and encouraging experimentations, campers build and test miniature catapults. Tests will prove which engineer team had the best design.

Cookie Mining:
3rd - 6th grade
This exploratory program exposes campers to the topic of mines and their ecological and economic importance by mining cookies.

Create-a-Creature Tournament:
3rd - 6th grade
Create a perfect animal survivor based on behavioral characteristics and physical adaptations. Learn about adaptations and critical thinking is encouraged.

Star Frames:
3rd grade +
Campers create star maps that can be used to identify constellations in the night sky. Astronomy fun facts included!

Avian Ecology and Owl Pellet Dissection:
3rd - 8th grade
Learn the basics of avian ecology and the roles played in the food web. By dissecting sterilized owl pellets, campers will find bones and rebuild a skeleton and take it home.

The Power of Wind:
3rd - 9th grade
This program introduces the topics of alternative energy and renewable resources, especially wind power. Campers will then design, build, and test their own small scale wind turbines and attempt various challenges.

Intro to Robotics:
3rd - 9th grade
Using 4-H curriculum, get introduced to the world of robotics, their use and potential. Build and test EcoBots, miniature rovers designed to help cleanup toxic spills.

3rd grade +
Add fins and cones to construct water bottle rockets and feel the rush at launching. Blast off with Sir Isaac Newton's third law of motion.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS):
All ages, younger youth require additonal adult chaperones
Technology is found in the great outdoors with this fun, competitive introduction to the world of GPS. Learn how to operate a GPS unit and then have a chance to use a handheld GPS to find hidden waypoint throughout Rock Springs.