Food Allergies/Restrictions

Providing specialty diets due to food allergies, medical needs or religious restrictions are a top priority for our food service team; we want all of our guests to enjoy their meals at Rock Springs. We will gladly accommodate guests with food allergies but please note that we do not have a kitchen dedicated to producing allergen-free meals; we simply cannot claim to be a "gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free or egg-free" facility. If a food allergy is severe or complicated, we may ask that you bring your own food from home to supplement what we offer here.

Special dietary requests are meant for food allergies, medical issues or religious restrictions only; they are not for lifestyle choices or personal preferences. Vegetarian options such as salad bar with protein items, steamed vegetables, starches and breads are available at most meals for vegetarian needs.

Please complete and submit the form below two weeks in advance of your visit so that we can properly meet your needs. The Food Service Director will work with you to ensure safe, satisfying meals during your stay at Rock Springs.

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